Couldn’t Do It Without

David “Hobe” Abbott

Inventor, Safety Inspector, Musician (Drums/Percussion)

Hobe first started playing drums around 7 or 8 years old. He met Dusty when he was 13 and the rest has been historical.

Hobe has created two businesses from his own inventions:


Robert “Bobby” Perry

Film Scorer, Song Writer, Sound Mixer, Musician (Bass)

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Danny Welch

Lawyer, Musician (Harmonica)

Danny has been lawyer since 1984, Danny is also an accomplished harmonica player. He has performed on numerous albums and has given countless concert performances with a wide range of artists.


Michelle Pas’cal

The Rock to my Roll & the Star to my Soul


SubCat Music Studios, LLC

Recorded three albums at SubCat and performed at a SubRosa Session in studio.

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Subcat’s Website


2 Bros. Studios

2016 album “November Left Me” recorded here. “Truly an incredible place to find the magic in your song – I love it!!”

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2 Bros. Studio Website